Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Whether you consider it an in-home escape from your hectic day or simply somewhere to wash up, the bathroom is one place in your home everyone is sure to visit. Making the most of a small space is always a good idea, and turning larger master bathrooms into spa-like getaway rooms is a growing trend.

The following are some bathroom decorating ideas for any bathroom, no matter how much or how little you are looking to spend.

Make Simple Things Count
One of the easiest ways to update your bath cabinets-and add pizzaz-is to swap out the old hardware for new. You will have no problem finding an abundance of designs at retailers, which fit your style and budget. Before you fall in love with a new pull, knob or handle, be sure to measure the distance between holes to make sure the swap requires nothing more than a screwdriver, and consider the finish on the hinges to prevent clashing.

A simple can of paint can also go a long way in transforming your bathroom. As Executive Editor Larry Bilotti shared in a blog post, a coat of Ralph Lauren paint was all it took to freshen the look of a bathroom in his weekend home. Not sure which colors to go for? Consider black and white, a classic kitchen trend that has made its way to the bathroom.

Adding a new piece of furniture can also spice up the room. Consider putting in a new vanity table or mirror; go all the way and install Electric Mirror's Visionary™ LED & TV Medicine Cabinet, which features LED lighting, audio system, 15-inch television, and waterproof remote. Anyone want to watch the news?

Add Some Ambiance
Spa elements-including showers that double as steam rooms, Jacuzzis and decadent soaking tubs, mini-bars and warming trays for towels-are all common bathroom decorating ideas nowadays. “People are spending more time in their baths because it's a retreat from busy lifestyles,” says Susan Marinello, Principal Design Director of Susan Marinello Interiors in Seattle, WA. “It makes sense that they want the spa elements that help them to relax and rejuvenate.”

Although the sky's the limit, you can have a luxurious master bathroom even on a budget. “There are some really low-cost tricks you can use to create a spa environment,” says Los Angeles interior designer Leslie Harris. “All lights should be on a dimmer, and a sound system or even an iPod if you can't wire for speakers goes a long way towards creating a relaxing environment.” You can also install electric heating pads under the flooring material. “You can just heat a three-foot by three-foot pad in front of the vanity or shower and really enhance the bathroom experience,” Marinello explains.

Of course, don't forget that little luxuries go a long way. Place fresh flowers and scented candles on your countertops, stock up on wonderful soaps and body scrubs and a few super-fluffy towels. Natural and soothing blues, greens, and gold are perfect. Touches of nature go a long way, as well; add a window garden or hang framed photographs of your dream mountain getaway.


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