How to make "the best potatoes on earth"

A pic of what you'll need.... Likely you'll have all these items in your cabinets.

Bring COLD, HEAVILY SALTED water to a rapid boil.

The bigger tats should be cut into 3 equal sizes.... The more common sized ones are perfect cut in half and after testing the really small one, without cutting it, I realized it doesn't work as well.

"The calm before the swim"

When the water is rapidly boiling, add the potatoes.

Boil for 5 minutes exactly! Drain through a strainer.

The MOST IMPORTANT STEP, let potatoes cool to ROOM TEMP.

This what an 80% cooked looks like.

Don't overcrowd the basket. I did this batch in two batches.

My Deep Fryer is cranked to the max.... Around 390 degrees!! Fry Baby Fry!!!!! (Veggie oil is good enuff for these taters)

First Batch at about 8 minutes....pretty much bang on! You'll know they're ready when you shake them in the basket and you can hear them crunching against each other.

Timed this second batch....exactly 9 minutes! Poifect!

Depending on what you're serving these with, you can season these taters with an appropriate seasoning. Burgers or dogs---> Lawrie's Seasoning, Greek ---> Lemon & Herb, Italian, ---> Herb de Provence

Mix in a bowl with your choice of seasoning. Let stand for a minute before serving cuz they're mega hot and a bit of resting time lets them crisp up too. These have Lawrie's Seasoning Salt on them.

Serve with some "chup" or maybe some garlic aioli. Give these a try, and you"ll then know how to make potatoes everyone enjoys! Like I promised, crispy on the outside and creamy mashed in da middle.

Watch the video: Harvesting Potatoes in Idaho (January 2022).