How to retouch blonde hair color

Mix lightener product and section clients hair into 4-sections. Make 1/4" partings and apply lightener to new growth ONLY.

Do not overlap onto previously lightened hair. May cause breakage!

Continue to take vertical partings and applying lightener product until you reach front hair line.

Repeat process on other side of head without overlapping onto previously lightened hair. Overlapping may cause breakage, shedding and extreme dryness.

When new growth lightens to same level as prev. lightened hair on ends, rinse with lukewarm water as hot water will activate lightener & cause uneven results. Condition, dry & style.

Remind client to return every 4-5 weeks for retouches. If any longer, the process may cause a yellow to gold band that will take extra time in chair to eliminate. Blonde hair is a commitment.

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