How to make a gift box

You need a square piece of paper. Fold it two times in half and un fold.

Fold each corner into the middle.

All corners folded.

Fold the two sides into the middle like this.

Both sides folded into the middle.

Fold into the middle again. Both sides.

Both sides folded into the middle.

Un fold to this stage.

Unfold two of the sides. Doesn't matter which, just as long it is opposite.

Fold in the corner like this.

Other corner folded in.

Fold down the flap, and you have one side of the box.

Fold the other side the same way. Fold 4 boxes of the same size. Fold 1 with a piece of square paper that is 1/2 inch smaller on all sides. This is going to be a lid.

Measure your paper boxes width and hight and fold your carton in 4 rectangles, like this.

Glue paper on the carton with the glue stick. Add the ribbon, I used gaffer tape. Cut a small slot and thread the ribbon thru to the front.

Cover the inside of the carton with paper, and use a hot glue gun to glue the boxes unto the carton.

Glue the boxes on in steps like this.

The 5th smaller box is used as a lid on the top box.

Tie the ribbon and you are done. Mine is going to be filled with sweets and given to my daughter.

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