How to store a trailer spare tire on your suv/truck

How to store a trailer spare tire on your suv/truck

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This is my utility trailer I use for damn near everything. I use to take the spare with me in the trunk when I went on trips but needed a better way to carry it

Under the back, this is what it looks like for the spare tire for my SUV

This is the spare for my trailer

I supported the tire with some jack stands

Lowering the chain that holds it up. Since I have to open my trunk to get the access I wasn't worried about locking it, but if yours is open, you may want to chain it up

The chain lowered all the way

I positioned the spare so the chain would hang through it

Then slowly raise it up

Making sure it aligned correctly

It's still higher than my rear diff, so I'm not worried about it bottoming out on anything, as I really don't go off road. If you do this you will want to check for clearance

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