How to cook pork stew santa fe

How to cook pork stew santa fe

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Stem and seed chilies cover with water + 1/2,tsp salt and cook 40 min.

Let chilies cool a bit and put entire contents into blender a blend until very smooth about 2 min. Set aside.

Cube pork spray Pot with olive oil & brown evenly med-high (15 min) remove from pot when browned

While pork cooks prepare parsnip & onion

Large dice for both and sauté in pot with pork removed

Add chopped garlic

Rosemary & sage add a bay leaf too. Add to sauté when onion is soft ( about 3 min)

Add pork back to pot and mix

Add tomatoes plus 1 can water to deglaze pot.

Core and shred cabbage add to mix.

Add chile blend to pot and ....

1/2 tsp smoked paprika & 1/4 tsp pigment d' espellet

Add 3 cups water, I cup beef stock & lentils

Cook about 2 hours covered med- low & 20 min uncovered if the stew is thin.

Spoon over your favorite al'dente pasta and enjoy.

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