How to make a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bread

How to make a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bread

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Gather your ingredients.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Slice the bread down the middle.

Start the bacon cooking.

Use a thin slice of butter on the bread.

When the bread has butter, put it in oven for 10 mins

Crack the eggs into a bowl.

Whisk the eggs together. If you add a bit of milk, they turn out fluffier.

Add the remaining butter in a pan to make the eggs. You will want to start them whenever the bread is finished.

Turn the heat on medium for the eggs.

Add the eggs to the pan and cook until desired scrambled consistency.

The bread nicely toasted.

Add the scrambled eggs to the top when they are finished.

Add the cheese and the desired bacon on top.

Add any other desired toppings like jalepenos, hot sauce, or garlic powder and enjoy!

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