How to make spectacular raspberry marbled brownies

Whisk up eggs,sugar and vanilla

Melt chocolates and butter

Whisk in chocolate mix quickly so the eggs don't cook.

Add flour 1/4c at a time

Remove 1 cup of the mixture

Spread remains in 9inch square pan

Grab powdered sugar

Add egg,sugar and vanilla

And mix

Spread on top of brownie base

Take the glob

And place in tbs globs on top

Like that

Take raspberry preserves on a spoon and

Spoon it in between the globs

Bam, bitch!

Throw it in the oven

For 40 minutes at 325

And since it's being canada outside..

Work on some Christmas presents.

Make some chocolate frogs,

Finish up your cousins Harry Potter scarf

Watch Harry Potter!!

And bam they're done! Enjoy =)

Watch the video: Marble Brownies (June 2021).