How to make waldorf-inspired paper window stars

Begin with eight pieces of square kite paper. I choose rainbow colours, but any colour combination can work.

Fold paper in half

Fold paper in half in other direction to create creases, then open the paper and lay it flat.

Begin to fold corner pieces in to create four triangles.

Fold the two bottom pieces in to create a diamond shape.

Diamond shape complete.

Flip paper over, this is the first point of your paper star!

Continue to fold all eight pieces in the same manner. Now you are ready to glue.

Begin to glue the lower section of your diamond shape and overlap it on top of your next colour. Make sure to line up the bottom side of the shape which will create a nice sharp point at the bottom.

Continue to add colours UNTIL you are at your last diamond shape.

At your last diamond shape you need to tuck it into the final space.

Add some dabs of glue stick to the last diamond and slide it into the star.

All of the pieces are now glued.

Flip the star over and glue down all of the loose paper flaps.

You are ready to hang the star!

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