How to make super quick mac&cheese from scratch

Adjust your oven like pic above

Dice ur blue cheese into small cube and grated gruyere

If u hate blue cheese just replace it with ur favorite cheese or just stick with gruyere

Warm up cream mid heat

Add gruyere

Stir till melt

Add blue cheese piece by piece to taste they're strong so u need to taste them if u normally like blue cheese then add them all

Mix till all melt

Nutmeg salt and pepper taste

Add your macaroni I don't have Any left so I use angle hair instead

You can stop and serve them like this but I like to add abit of breadcrumbs on top the bake till golden

Sprinkle breadcrumbs and grated abit of gruyere on top pop them in the oven for less than a bit (depends on the oven)

Tada!!! Easy wasn't it and taste nothing like the Box

Closer look

Yummmm happy cooking

Watch the video: How to Make Simple Stovetop Mac and Cheese (December 2021).