How to make an old t-shirt into a new, stylish shirt

You will need: A large T-shirt A pair of fabric scissors(you can use regular scissors but I think fabric scissors are easier to use) And a piece of paper of something flat

Start by cutting off the sleeves... I marked mine so it was easier to see :) and I didn't like the way it fit with only the sleeve cut off so I decided to cut off more

After you cut off both the sleeves it should look some what close to this or exactly like this

(OPTIONAL but I think it looks better like this) Cut the collar off your shirt

Next cut the shirt but don't cut it to fit you PERFECT because its going to get shorter in the next step!

Then cut the sides so you can fold the shirt like this. After that cut off the excess material on the back which you see in this picture

You're almost done! Fold the shirt in half then put the paper under it so you know where to cut or mark it

Cut the long front part in half then into triangles.

Then tie the front into a knott and you're done! And I know my shorts I kinda weird but they are my PJ shorts. PS: Malia don't make fun of me for this ok?!

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