How to make a paper crossbow

This is how to make a paper crossbow.

The materials that you would need to make this is a pencil, tape, box cutter, popsicle sticks, scissors, tape measure, a sharpie, very strong twine or string and like ten pieces of paper.

First thing you do is get four sheets of paper.

Stack the four pieces of paper together and fold them length wise.

You will unfold the paper and cut along the seem of the paper.

You should end up with two things of paper.

You need to then take a pencil and start rolling the four sheets around the pencil to make it into a tube.

Tape the tube together so it doesn't unroll and do the same process with the other four sheets of paper.

That's what you should have when your done, two different rolled up paper tubes.

For both tubes try to put a couple layers if tape length wise because you don't want them to rip or tear.

You then take a popsicle stick and measure one and a half inches and mark it with a sharpie or any kind of marker.

You have to measure one and a half inches on both sides of the popsicle stick and mark it.

Measure one and a half inches on the one side of the paper tube, you want to do this to one side of each of the paper tubes and mark them.

Put the one end of the popsicle stick inside the paper tube up to the mark that you made.

Break the end of the popsicle stick off inside the tube at that mark that you made.

Take another popsicle stick and put in at the opposite end of your paper tube at a 90 degrees angle of the other popsicle stick at the other end of the tube.

You want to then bend you one popsicle stick like in the picture because that is going to be your bow arm.

You want to do the same process to both of the paper tube then you have both your bow arms.

We want to make the main body of the crossbow now so you need five sheets of paper.

You want to roll the five sheets of paper with a pencil, then tape it together so it don't unroll.

The next thing you will be doing is attaching your bow arms so you got to pinch down the one end of the main body tube.

Line it up the way you want it.

Tape it around the main body because you don't want it to move.

You have to do the same process with the other bow arm too, and tape it down really good because you don't want it to move.

You then need to grab some twine or really strong string and tie you around the end of the popsicle stick.

You don't want the twine moving all around so you need to tape it down.

With your ball of twine go about an inch and a half past the other popsicle stick and cut it and tie it around the other end of the popsicle stick.

Do the same process and tape it down because you don't want it moving all around, it would just mess up your entire bow.

We got to see how far down the twine will pull down so you pull it until it makes a square shape then mark it with a sharpie.

You got to make a hole for the trigger so take a sharp object or a box cutter and start cutting through the main body of the crossbow.

You have to make sure your trigger has room to go back and forth some so make sure the hole is wide enough.

It looks good so now I need to grab a popsicle stick and make my trigger.

Measure like an inch and a half down the one end of a popsicle stick.

Break it off.

Cut it length wise.

You now have your trigger.

Try it out and put it in.

Test to see if its going to hold the twine.

We're almost done with this bow all we need to do now is create our support rails for the pencil that we will be shooting out so we need one sheet of paper.

Fold it length wise.

Once you have your crease down the middle.

Start cutting on the crease.

You have two sheets now.

Roll them up with a pencil and tape it so it doesn't unroll.

What you do to one sheet, you do to the other one with the same process.

Make them flat.

Tape the one on along side your trigger.

Do the same to the other side and tape it down.

We need basically a scope for your bow so you need one sheet of paper.

Measure about and inch and a half and mark it.

Cut where you put your mark.

You'll end up with this single stripe of paper.

Roll it up with a pencil.

Tape it together so it doesn't unroll.

Mount it onto your crossbow like in the pencil, make sure that the tube is wide enough for the pencil to travel through and when you go to test it, take the eraser off so it doesn't catch when shot.

What it should look like when done.

Put a pencil on there, cock it back and test it.

Thank you for watching and if you go through this process and make a cool crossbow just make sure you don't shoot someone's eye out because that would be extremely FUNNY! Just kidding don't do that!

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