How to make a cutesy hair bow

How to make a cutesy hair bow

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You'll want to cut out two rectangles of fabric, the larger one will be used for the actual bow and the smaller one will create the bow's knot.

Start by taking the larger piece of fabric and laying it face down on your work surface. Fold the long edges inward so that they meet in the middle and crease the edges.

Next, you'll repeat the same process, this time folding the smaller edges in toward each other.

I recommend overlapping one side of the fabric over the other to make the next step easier.

Pinch the fabric together in the middle to create the bow shape.

Using your needle and matching thread, sew right where you pinched the fabric to hold it in place.

Now you will create the knot. Just as you did with the larger bow fabric, fold the long edges together and press along the creases.

Then, fold the fabric once more right along the line where the previous folds met in the middle. One long edge will have a crease, and the other edge will have two creases from the previous folds.

Create a loop with this strip and sew a straight line to hold it in place. Make sure the loop is loose enough for the bow to fit through, but tight enough to appear as a knot.

Cut the excess fabric off of the loop.

Squeeze your bow through the loop to add the finishing touch!

You can use a clip or a bobby pin to secure & show off your new cutesy hair bow!

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