How to use holiday leftovers for breakfast

Pan fry the bacon. Why? It's BACON! Have you met?! This step is optional, and I don't expect you to have bacon "leftover." I'm confident you'll do this, though, because it's BACON.

Drain the cooked bacon on a paper towel, and save the grease! Put about two tbsp back into the pan. You could use a new pan, but why make extra dishes?

In a medium bowl, combine potatoes, eggs, stuffing, and cheese. You can dice the bacon & stir it in on this step if you like. I just halved the strips to serve on the side this time.

Stir well! Mixture should be thick enough to hold shape when you drop spoonsful into the pan. Remember that bacon grease? Yes, you'll be frying these delicious potato cakes in that!

If the mixture is too runny, add flour, a tbsp at a time (stirring well after each addition), until thickened.

Drop into hot pan (med-high heat), about 1/4 c at a time. The size is really just your preference.

Cook appx 4 mins, then turn. You can tell they're ready to flip when you slide the spatula under the edge & the cake holds shape stiffly on the bottom. If it's still mushy, cook a bit longer.

Have any gravy left? Add some milk to thin it - gravy tends to thicken in the fridge - & heat in a small saucepan over low heat.

Serve potato cakes with that lovely gravy drizzled over the top. If you opted to serve your bacon on the side - good for you! Eat up, it's DELICIOUS!

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