How to make 2 more fun & easy ornaments

How to make 2 more fun & easy ornaments

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12 circles. Any size. I used 2" circle punch w/ scrapbook paper. Fold them in 1/2, unfold, fold in 1/2 other way, & unfold. Staple in crease. Place hot glue where white square is & press to other 1/2.

Place hot glue where white square is & press to circle you just glued. Glue the rest of circles together. Alternate glue; up 'n down. You'll need to carefully force them open a bit as you go along.

This is a really pretty ornament. I recommend using colors that contrast better than what I chose. Also note that when you stack them to staple, alternate the colors. Double sided color paper is best.

8 circles. I used same size/style. Also 2 penny-size circles. Fold each in 1/2 & then fold each in 1/2 once more. Now glue 4 to small circle. Repeat w/ other 4. Glue gun is best; glue stick ok.

Put glue on little dot & stick 2 parts together. Use finger to open up each section. I glued the folded circles in same direction & I offset the 2 parts when I glued them. I don't think it matters.

This one is is way better in person. Again, use double sided color paper. I also always forget to mention to add your hanging loop during the gluing process of these. Enjoy

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