How to draw a kawaii cupcake

How to draw a kawaii cupcake

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Draw a half circle

Then add two more going diagonally from the top

Connect the bottom with three more

Next draw two kinda-slanted lines from the bottom

Then just connect them

Add two circles for eyes. Don't make them too small though

Now put two smaller circles inside each eye

Color in each eye, except for the smaller inner circles

Add some blushing cheeks and a mouth :)

Oh and draw some lines in the 'wrapping' (bottom)

Now you can add a cherry if you want :) :)

Erase a little bit of the corner

Add a line for the stem

And make a small line at the top of the stem like so

Then connect it to the cherry, making the stem wider at the top and thinner once it meets the cherry

*optional* Add a reflection

And now you're done!!!! Hope you liked it!! :D (and yes, used the font from @Delilah's guide)

Watch the video: How To Draw A Cute Kawaii Cup Cake In Procreate. iPad Pro (July 2022).


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