How to make a diy phone charger

Hey! So this is my DIY for a GLITTERED PHONE CHARGER!!! I hope you like it! Enjoy.

Here are my supplies I am using for this:: Sinful Colors glitter in 'i miss you' #930 and Revlon Top Coat

Do Not use any quick dry nail polish! I REPEAT, DO NOT USE ANY QUICK DRY NAIL POLISH. It will not come out with the smoothness you need.

Separate the main charger from the cord. Like this^

Tape up both ends. This step is a must

Start painting :) paint like you nails. One small coat at a time until you get your desired color.

Finished. Let dry overnight

Then add your top coat! Almost done. Are you excited?!?

As you can see. I used about half of my full bottle of mail polish.

Wait for it to compleatly dry And your done!! Have fun!!

Thanks for looking at my snap guide! I hope you like it!! Lots of love

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