How to make authentic italian style pizza at home

You will need two important things, a kitchen grade blow torch, and a pizza stone

Gather out your ingredients, I'm keeping it healthy with the whole wheat crust and part skim cheese.

Place a pizza stone at the bottom rack and cranck up the heat to as far as your oven goes! (250 C for me )Pre heat the stone for a whole hour!

Roll out the dough, use store bought or home made, just make sure it's a good dough! Will share with you a guide on making pizza dough in the future.

Roll it out really thin, it doesn't need to be a perfect circle, when was the last time you had a wood oven pizza that was shaped perfectly? Keep it nice and simple, rustic!

When satisfied with your size, put it over a sheet of parchement paper, it will act as a pizza peel, trust me...use the parchement paper!

Add a bit of sauce, home made is preferred, storebought is fine...i guess!

Add a bit of italian seasonings, I also added a bit of crushed pepper flakes.

This is a neat way to slice mushrooms, use an egg slicer!

KAPAW! Evenly sliced shrooms!

Arrange the mushrooms

Add the parmasean

And the mozz

Drizzle with about a tablespoon of olive oil, I used garlic infused oil for more flavor! Allow it to rest for 45 minutes while the pizza stone is pre heating

Bake for 5 minutes, rotate it half way using a pair of toungs

Time to play!

I needed both hands to rotate the pizza while torching the edges, so i couldn't show you how it was made but you get the idea. Torch just the edges untill they toast up, then torch the cheese a bit


Slice up and bon appetito!