How to get ripped without weights

How to get ripped without weights

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DISCLAIMER: This is an intense workout, always consult a physician before attempting any new exercise plan. This is a guide. I am not a trainer. I am not responsible for any injury caused.

Start the workout with one 3 minute session of light cardio, such as jogging on the spot.

Take no rest between exercises; keep moving until you've finished the circuit. After each circuit rest for 2 minutes before repeating. 3 circuits are plenty.

20 chair squat jumps.... with knees and ankles touching or close together, squat down and raise hands above your head. As you jump, sweep your hands behind you for momentum. Land softly.

You're halfway through the circuit. You can do this. No resting, next move.

Side plank for 45 seconds each side. Rest on the elbow and forearm. Feet stacked. Keep hips forward. Heroic: Raise the uppermost leg. Legendary: Side hand balance with leg raise.

Were you a hero? REPEAT after 2 minutes rest. Keep moving around, let your heart rate recover, drink some water. If this was your last round, check out my stretching guide. Just sayin.

Check out my other workout guides. If you try a workout let me know how it went in the comments. Cheers.

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