5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Kitchen Renovation

Can it be that updating your kitchen changes life for the better? For Sabine Schoenberg, there's no doubt about it. “Kitchens are nurturing spaces for the body and soul,” says Schoenberg, founder of and author of Kitchen Magic: Secrets to Successful Kitchens. “Even small improvements in your kitchen can have a profound impact on your quality of life.”

Before any work can begin, however, Schoenberg advises that you ask yourself a series of questions. The exercise can help you pinpoint and (just as important) articulate the goals of your project. “Don't rush through this fun discovery phase,” she says. “Enjoy the opportunity to think through what's important to you and your family to create your perfect kitchen.”


In your most fond memories of the kitchen where you grew up, which features of the room usually stand out? It might be the paint color on the walls, the material of the countertop, a particular type of table, or the presence of a sunny window. Should fresh inspiration fail, let those recollections guide your choices.


What's the main reason you're remodeling the kitchen? Don't lose sight of your primary motivation, be it more light, more storage, or a more efficient workflow. Taking the time now to develop a firm grasp of your priorities will help you make some tough decisions at later stages of the process.


When you envision your dream kitchen, what are its design characteristics? Is it ultramodern or quaintly country? Does stainless steel or natural wood appear on the finishes? Browse shelter magazines and websites, identifying the commonalities that exist between those images you find most appealing.


What is the one feature you wouldn't be able to forgive yourself for not including in your kitchen renovation? Whether it's a splurge item-a commercial oven, for instance-or simply cookbook storage space, adjust the budget of your project so that once completed, your new kitchen perfectly fits your ongoing lifestyle.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the finished space. Do you feel happy because the sun is streaming in, organized because there is a place for everything (and everything is in its place), or social because you can entertain guests while cooking? Be sure to discuss your vision with your architect or contractor.