How to cook tiger prawns

Here are my supplies. Tiger Prawns are raw from Fesco's Seafood in The Gap Sopping Village

Melt butter in pan with garlic on medium heat and then add prawns

Cook until you can see change of colour about half way up prawn. Should only be a few minutes

Turn prawns over. This side takes less time.

Plate up. I suggest you have salad and bread ready before cooking prawns so you can eat them hot.

Goes well with a cold glass of Rosé. Have a bowl and napkins handy when shelling prawns. Enjoy the pain of peeling hot prawns and the ecstasy of eating them.

Watch the video: Tiger Prawns. SUPER EASY PRAWN RECIPE! Easy Version! How To Peel And Devein Prawns エビのレシピ. 새우 레시피 (January 2022).