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5 Things to Do with… Plastic Bottles

5 Things to Do with… Plastic Bottles

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Plastic bottles make it easy to hydrate on the go, but they're tough on the environment. They too often end up in landfills where, being non-biodegradable, they will sit for hundreds of years before they even begin to decompose. That's why eco-conscious DIYers have sought and found many ways to reuse plastic bottles at home. Scroll down to see five of our favorite ideas.


Light fixtures can pull a room together, but they can also tear your budget apart. Here's a way to get a luxe look for less: Make your own chandelier out of all those plastic bottles in your recycling bin. With little more than fishing wire, you can re-create this shining example from the London Design Festival.


Each bottle in this window installation serves as a miniature greenhouse that encourages the growth of the seedling planted inside. Isn't there a certain poetry in growing greenery within containers that would otherwise be trash? Set aside plastic bottles until you have enough, and then visit wikiHow for the project details.


It can be a hassle to find the perfect jewelry holder, so why not design and build your own? EPBOT offers a step-by-step tutorial, which explains how to assemble soda bottle bottoms and inexpensive, readily available hardware-rod, nuts, and washers-into a simple and eco-friendly stand for your accessories.


If you're looking for a stylish way to corral thumbtacks, rubber bands, and other things for your home office, consider this crafty, low-cost approach from MAKE. Cut the bottoms off some plastic bottles; spray paint them; line the cut edges with felt; then glue the pieces together in whatever arrangement suits you.


Last but not least, you can reuse plastic bottles to attract winged and feathered friends to your backyard. Simple to construct yet effective for its purpose, this bird feeder, via Spoonful, requires only a craft knife and some twine, plus two wooden spoons and, of course, an empty water or soda container.


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