How to make a hypertufa pot for plants

Gather your materials together. Peat Moss, Perlite and Portland Cement can all be found at Home Depot or other home improvement stores.

Measure out one part peat moss and one part perlite. I used an old dishwashing tub to mix the hypertufa.

Put on your gloves and mix together the peat moss and perlite. Break apart any clumps of peat moss.

Add one part Portland cement and mix together thoroughly.

Add water, a little at a time as you mix the hypertufa. I used less than one part water. This measurement will vary based on how moist your peat moss is.

The hypertufa should hold it's shape when squeezed together. If it is too wet it will be hard to build up the sides of the pot.

Use two nesting containers to mold one hypertufa pot. Spray the inside of the larger pot with nonstick cooking spray.

Press a layer of the hypertufa mixture at least a half inch thick on the bottom of the larger container.

Build up the sides of the pot at least a half inch thick.

Spray the outside of the smaller pot with nonstick cooking spray.

Press the smaller container into the larger one to mold the pot.

Pack in the hypertufa mixture to build the sides of the pot.

Smooth out the top edge of the pot.

Work quickly to make the pots. You can add a little water if the hypertufa mixture dries out while working.

Wrap the pots in plastic bags and place in the shade to dry. The humidity will allow the pots to dry more evenly, making the pots stronger once they are fully cured.

You can remove the inner bowl in 24 hours. Wrap the hypertufa in a plastic bag again.

Remove the outer mold in a few days and replace the plastic bag. The pots will be fully cured in about 4 weeks.

Place the fully cured hypertufa in a large container of water. Change the water every day for three days. This will allow the free lime to leach from the pots, making it safe for plants.

Drill a hole for drainage if you would like.

Plant and enjoy.

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