How to bircher muesli with pear, blueberries and almonds


Pour the 2 cups of oats and 375ml of apple juice into a bowl. Stir with a fork, place glad wrap over and leave in fridge for 1hr.

Grate the pear

Add: Blueberries, grated pear, yoghurt and muesli. Then stir them all together.

Toast the almonds

Cut strawberry tops off then slice in half.

Add strawberries to mixing bowl.

Breakfast is served

Try with honey as well.

The Muesli tasted tropical but also had a thick texture to it which was given by the yoghurt and oats. The blueberries and strawberries added an additional crunch.

Watch the video: Bircher Muesli - Gordon Ramsays Ultimate Healthy Breakfast (January 2022).