How to cook enchilada casserole

Bake (5) chicken breasts layered with minced garlic and optional spices (I used jarred diced chilis). Ovens may vary but I baked this chicken at 400 degrees for 20-30 min

While your chicken is cooking you can move onto the next steps...

Chop about half a cup of green onions and set aside.

This brand is my favorite but these ingredients are optional. Drain out all the water and set aside...

Once chicken is done cooking you can shred it using two forks or your hands but you will need to shred all of it.

Combine all your ingredients; chicken, green onions and can of corn.

(Optional) In a shallow pan of the cooking oil of your choice start to lightly fry your tortillas so that your casserole has some "structure" to it.

In a baking dish, layer the bottom with your lightly fried corn tortillas.

I sort of jumped the gun and forgot to take photos of the next steps but after you have layered the bottom, add a layer of your chicken mix and pour your enchilada sauce over the top. Wetter=better

Add a layer of shredded cheese

Add another layer of lightly fried corn tortillas

Generously spread your enchilada sauce then repeat the mixture layers, cheese and tortillas until your dish is filled to the top

Garnish the top with green onion and bake at 400 degrees for 30-45 min until cheese is nice and lightly browned.

And violaaaaa...you have an amazing dish ready to eat!

Pre cut with a knife and serve

I like to serve mine with a side of beans and Spanish rice and top it with some verde sauce and lovely Mexican beveragesenjoy!

Save the leftovers for the morning and top with a fried egg for a fast and amazing breakfast!

Watch the video: Enchilada Casserole Easy (January 2022).