How to peel a pomegranate

I'll show you how to get all the seeds without turning our fruit into instant juice. And we all know how healthy they are.

Oh, and change your clothes now if you're wearing whites. It doesn't come off easily.

Wash your fruit. Dry with towel and get paring knife. You can use any knife you wish, but this type is small and harmless if the blade is held in hand.

Cut out the tip of the fruit making hole in it

Now insert your knife in the tip hole (but remember to insert just the tip!) and cut around the the fruit making almost two halves. Now do the same and cut around making another two. You'll have 4 pcs

Only the tip of your knife just to cut the skin. Skin is very thin so be gentle.

It should look like this.

Now place your thumbs on both sides (I had only one hand free- the other one was making a photo) and pull tearing the fruit apart. Now...

... You'll have two halves.

Take one of the two halves and do the same tearing it apart. Continue with second half and make 4 quarters of your pomegranate.

It will look like this. The more uneven the better. Remember to be very gentle. If you squeeze the juice will splash.

You can brake each quarter to start getting to your seeds pulling them one by one. Do everything over the bowl since seeds can fall out as you tearing apart your fruit.

This is how you get all the seeds as neatly as you can and all the skin you can discard now. Unless I'll find the purpose for it.

Thanks for watching. Any comments are welcome.

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