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Radio: Planting Bulbs in Spring

When we think about flowering bulbs, we often picture beautiful spring bloomers like daffodils and tulips, whose bulbs go into the ground in the fall. But there's a whole world of bulbs and tubers you can plant in the spring that will grace your garden with vibrant summer color.

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Start by picking out a sunny spot with well-drained soil and select only bulbs and tubers that should be planted in the spring. You'll have a lot to pick from, including towering gladiolus, sweet-smelling freesia, willowy iris, and a number of varieties of anemone.

Make sure to wait until danger of frost in your area has passed, then plant the bulbs at the correct depth for the type of flower you're planting, with the root at bottom and pointy end or sprout on top.

Depth and watering requirements vary by species, so read up before you plant. And be prepared to stake some of the taller flowers, such as the statuesque, top-heavy dahlia.

Depending on your hardiness zone, you may not be able to leave your spring-planted bulbs in the ground over the winter. If you need to remove them, shake off excess dirt and let them dry out before storing them in a cool, dry location. Then drop them in the ground next spring, and enjoy them all over again.

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