Radio: Small Bath Sinks

Choosing a sink for a small bath can be challenging. Choices are limited, and even if you find a sink that physically fits a space, it can still visually dominate a tiny room. Here's a rundown of sink designs that suit small baths.

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Wall-mounted sinks are naturals for small baths because the open space below makes the room feel bigger. Some styles are great for retro-style baths; other sleek, modern versions are perfect for contemporary interiors. But wall-mounted sinks can give off an institutional vibe, they offer no storage, and the basins tend to be very small.

Pedestal sinks are also good choices: They take up less space than a vanity, and they add sculptural drama. Since they lack storage, look for models that have wide rims for accessories or soap, or are outfitted with an attached towel bar.

A console sink-a sink set on a table- is often outfitted with a bottom shelf that offers open storage. If you need concealed storage, look for a petite vanity, but remember some of its limited storage will be eaten up by plumbing. Whatever the sink's overall dimensions may be, pay close attention to the width and depth of the actual basin. A small basin may be fine in a powder room, but you'll want something bigger in a full-function bathroom.

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