Radio: Whirlpool Tub Considerations

Do you dream of reclining in a whirlpool tub as the warm water bubbles around you, washing away your cares? If so, maybe you'll want to include a jetted tub in your next bathroom renovation.

Listen to ON WHIRLPOOL TUB CONSIDERATIONS or read the text below:

If you're swapping out a standard 60-inch tub, the good news is that you can get a whirlpool tub to fit in that space. The bad news is that it probably won't supply the luxurious soaking you had in mind, so you may not use it often enough to justify the cost. Before you buy, sit in one in a showroom or supply center to be sure you're comfortable in it.

When you're choosing a tub, note where the motor is located. You'll need access to it if you ever need to make any repairs. Depending on your floor plan, access could be in a nearby closet or vanity, in an adjacent room, or even through the basement ceiling.

Also check your water heater's capacity. Whirlpool tubs are deeper than regular tubs and hold more water. Your water heater should be able to hold about two-thirds of the tub's capacity. And these tubs can be heavy, so your flooring may need to be reinforced to support the weight and withstand the vibration.

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