How to make furniture in minecraft pe

Here's how to make some basic furniture for your minecraft Pe house.


Place any type of stair you want (I like wood)

Put trapdoors on the sides

Then open the trapdoors and there you go, a bench!


Place fence posts where you want the corners to be

Place half slabs to fill the rectangle

Place chairs or benches on the sides to finish it

Sun chair and umbrella

Place 3 fences on top of each other

Place a stair with a half slab next to it

Place a 3x3 square of planks on the fences

Place half slabs around the planks

Add a bookshelf and torch for decoration and enjoy the beach!

Bed (other than the in game beds)

Make a 2x3 rectangle of your choice of wool

Add stone slabs for pillows

Add trapdoors around the wool for a frame


Stack 2 columns of 3 stairs like so

Place half planks between them, and there you go!

If you want to know different furniture pieces, just message me requesting the piece!

Watch the video: ALL MY MCPE FURNITURE! MODS + ADDONS. Cars, Chairs, Bathroom, Kitchen u0026 MORE! (January 2022).