How to make yummy mustard pickles

How to make yummy mustard pickles

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Peel, remove seeds, and and cut up about 20# cucumbers and about 3# onions. Place in large pot, cover with cold water and put a handful if salt over. Let sit covered, overnight and then drain.

Gather ingredients.

In a large bowl add all of the ingredients together.

Mix with a fork to stir together.

Using beater, mix together until there are no lumps.

Mix well.

Add to the cucumbers.

Cook over low heat about 2-3 hours stirring often. Make sure the bottom does not burn. When thick and cucumbers are softer turn burner off.

Sterilize bottles, fill, and put lids on, then do a hot water bath to seal. There are lots of directions for this in cookbooks or on the Internet for the procedure and times.

sterilize caps as per package instructions.

Bottle and let sit 24 hours before moving them. Ensure all have properly sealed. This is a recipe adapted from several others + a few tweaks over the years into something our whole family liked.

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