How to make a scotch egg

Rainy day.

Go to a Scottish/British convenience store.

Get some traditional sausage.

This will be enough for a couple of days.

Walk back

Eat a cupcake on your way.

Open the sausage package

Undo the knots.


Take the eggs out of the fridge so they temper properly before you cook them.

Put the timer on when you drop the eggs. You can follow the soft boil egg guide for this steps.

Fill a bowl with ice.

Add some water

Chill the eggs down when the timer goes off. It's really important to have a good amount of ice.

You can add spices and season your sausage filling accordantly to your taste. Salt and pepper would be good. Feel free to add some spicy element to it.

Wash your hands after.

Put a little bit on top of plastic wrap

Cover with another layer of plastic wrap.

You can use the rolling pin

Crack the eggs and peel them very carefully

Use a spoon

Or your hands

It's ok if you loose one. You can snack it with some salt and pepper.



Round them up or make a egg shape

Only two survived

With the rest of the meat

Save it and do some "albondigas". You can also freeze it.

Get your egg wash, flour and breadcrumbs ready.

Heat up some oil. You can also choose to just bake the eggs.


Egg. Add some buttermilk if you from the south.

Breadcrumbs. Feel free to add herbs and/or spices to this mix.

Oil between 350 and 400. If you don't have a thermometer just use your judgement.

Absorbent paper ready.

Baste if you are not deep frying.


Put them in a oven proof dish

In the oven.

Eight minutes. It will depend on how thick you did your sausage wrapping.

At 375F

Set the table

You can always proof it to see if the sausage is cooked. If it feels cold (shouldn't) put them back in the oven.


Salt and pepper

Eat it with some sauce américaine or/and mustard

Go for it.


Watch the video: Scotch Egg. John Quilter (January 2022).