How to make a delicious, healthier sausage ragu

For starters- a glass a day keeps the doctor away.. Now we're ready to begin ( always cook with wine you would want to drink )

Onion and sausage only.. Add the garlic later once the onions have caramelized or they will burn

Garlic added- kitchen should be smellin mightyyyy fine right about now

Add diced tomatoes and paste

Wine added( I dump whatever I haven't drank from my glass into the pot- just go with what feels right)

Let the sauce simmer.. Add your honey, salt, pepper & Italian spices

Meanwhile... Bring your whole wheat pasta to a boil, addin a little oil to the water to keep the pasta from sticking

Add FRESHLY grated Parmesan cheese- it's all about quality folks. Enjoy! ( I serve with sautéed green beans & homemade garlic bread)

Watch the video: Summer Sausage Pasta. Jamie Oliver (January 2022).