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Radio: Backyard Ponds

The sense of serenity you get relaxing in your yard can be enhanced by the sound of a babbling brook or waterfall, but not too many yards are located near water. Fortunately, you don't need to live in the woods (or be a millionaire) to enjoy a water feature of your own.

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Even a small yard can accommodate a garden pond. You can create a custom pond lined with concrete or vinyl, but the easiest way is by using a pre-formed shell. Plastic shells are inexpensive, but they're vulnerable to cracks and punctures. Fiberglass shells cost a bit more but are far sturdier and much less likely to crack. A shell that has edging attached will be easier to install.

Choose a location that gets a fair amount of sun and is not under a tree that will drop leaves or needles into it. Add a cascade or waterfall to keep the water moving and include a filter in your plans to keep the water clean.

To install your pond, rough out a hole that's slightly larger than the shell; level the bottom and line it with landscape fabric; then add a few inches of sand. Place the shell into the hole and start adding water. As the pond fills, backfill dirt around it, making sure it remains level. Conceal the top edge with decorative rocks or slate.

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