Radio: Closet Lighting

If you're lucky enough to have large walk-in closets in your home, you probably already know the importance of good lighting. After all, there's no use having the luxury of a great storage space if you can't tell your blacks from your navies when you're in there!

Listen to ON CLOSET LIGHTING or read the text below:

Even if your closets are a bit more modest in size, you still need good light. Whether it's picking out matching shoes or finding the right cleaning product, you need adequate light when you reach into a closet. That used to mean a single naked light bulb or a battery-powered stick-on light. New high-tech choices provide better light, use less energy, and don't require an endless supply of fresh batteries.

Ribbons of stick-on lighting strips, like those commonly found under kitchen cabinets today, also work great in small closets. Installed under the edge of a shelf, or on the ceiling just above the hanging rod, these ribbons provide nice, even light and don't use much energy or generate much heat. You can even have the ribbon wired to a jamb switch, so it turns on when you open the door and off when you close it.

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