Radio: Upcycled Designs

It's always better to find a way to recycle or reuse an item than to send it to a landfill. Some creative designers out there today are finding new uses for consumer items that once went straight to the dump.

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For example, a Canadian company called Second Shot transforms old skateboards into pocket knives and jewelry. Lots of companies create bowls, jewelry, and other unique items out of old typewriter keys, vinyl records, bicycle parts, license plates-you name it, just do an Internet search on it and you'll probably find it.

There are some great new uses for industrial products, too. A San Francisco company called Oxgut recycles old fire hoses into one-of-a-kind floor mats, furniture, even iPad cases. Other companies are finding ways to transform industrial cable spools, pallets, doors, and even countertops into a wide range of new products. Check them out-not only will you save products from getting dumped in a landfill, you'll also be supporting creative young designers and entrepreneurs. That's a win-win!

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