Radio: Save Your Appliance Manuals

When you buy a new appliance, it's a good idea to hold onto your original documentation, including the owner's manual, any warranties, and your purchase receipt. If you misplace the manual, you can usually track down a copy online. But it does you no good to have it if you can't find it when you need it. Consider setting up an easy-to-maintain, accessible filing system to keep your manuals handy.

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Filing cabinets are handy for this sort of thing, of course, but when the alarm system starts chirping at three in the morning, or the oven broiler won't ignite when you have a dining room filled with guests, you don't want to start fumbling around upstairs in the file drawers.

A handier option is to put your manuals in three-hole-punched sheet protectors or pocket folders, and store them in large binder kept in a central location. You can separate the binder into divisions, such as “Appliances,” “AV Components,” or “Outdoor Equipment.”

Another approach is to keep a separate folder in each room in the house that contains manuals for all of the appliances in that room. The truly organized may choose to separate out manuals for stoves, boilers, and other fixtures that stay with the house when it's sold, so they can be passed to a new owner.

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