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Stay Charged with Mophie's Juice Pack PRO

Stay Charged with Mophie's Juice Pack PRO

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mophie juice pack PRO

How much would a serious upgrade to your iPhone 4's operating time be worth to you? If your project house is without electricity for any length of time and your iPhone dies, you can plug it into your car, or you can get a personal solar panel and hope for sun. Or… well, that's about it.

Today, the most practical answer to this problem is carrying a second battery, and a company called mophie has one for you in the form of its juice pack PRO. Part power pack, part protective case, the product adds 150% to 200% operating time to your phone while protecting it from sand and dust and moisture.

Components of Mophie's juice pack PRO battery for iPhones

Let's do some numbers. The juice pack PRO has a 2,500-mAh battery capacity. The company says the battery can be fully recharged 500 times with no paranoia-instilling memory. That means you can top off the battery without shortening its life. A completely discharged juice pack is designed to recharge in about three hours.

The bike-tire-like hard case adds considerably to the slim profile and light weight of an iPhone 4. It can be hard getting in and out of your pocket and once removed, it's highly visible. While you don't have to be a prepper or a narcissist to use one, if you already tend that way, then this product is perfect for you.

The number that's going to mean the most to some is the price: $130. Which brings us back to my first question: How much is a powered-up iPhone worth to you?

To learn more about the juice pack PRO visit mophie.

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