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Radio: Radiant Heat

Whether you're building a whole house or just adding a new bathroom, one of your first decisions has to be how you're going to heat the space.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard or forced air systems. Rather than just blowing hot air around the room in bursts, radiant systems slowly and steadily charge the floor with heat, keeping it where you want it, longer.

Hydronic, or water-circulating, radiant systems are best for new construction or large additions. They can be installed just below the subfloor between the joists, directly under tile or hardwood flooring, or even inside a concrete floor slab.

Where you only need to heat a small space like a bathroom or finished basement, electric radiant is an easy option. Electric radiant mats can be installed directly under tile and are ideal over a concrete subfloor. You don't have to design around ductwork or baseboard units, and a small room heated this way uses less than 15 cents of electricity per day.

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