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Radio: Restoring Old Windows

If your home has old-style double-hung windows with heavy sash weights on pulleys, you probably know that they're not very energy efficient and they can be a pain to repair when those sash cords break. Most homeowners opt for replacement windows and tear out the old ones completely. But what if your old windows have amazing leaded or stained glass or some other feature worth saving? That might be a reason to opt for restoring, not replacing, your windows.

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Restoring old windows is not an easy job, and it can be pricey. The old sashes must be removed, along with the sash weights, and the hollow channels that held the weights and pulleys need to be filled in. Those channels are one of the main reasons old windows are so drafty - all that hollow space allows a lot of cold to infiltrate. Old windows can operate on new spring-loaded balances once the weight channels have been filled in. The sashes need to be retrofitted to work with these balances, with new grooves routed into the frames to accommodate them. It's an ambitious project best reserved for unique or historic windows, or for windows with glass you just can't bear to part with. But done well, restored windows can truly enhance the beauty of your old home.

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