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Radio: Chandeliers

A dining room chandelier is a great focal point for one of the most important entertaining spaces in your home.

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You can spend anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars on a chandelier and choose from an enormous variety of styles. There are some guiding principles to help you choose. First is style: when in doubt, keep very close to the period and architectural style of your house.

Measure the room dimensions in feet and add them together to find the suitable diameter in inches. For instance, a room that's ten feet by twelve feet would look great with a twenty-two-inch chandelier. It should measure roughly a third of the width of your dining room table and hang thirty inches above it, centered on your table and not necessarily centered in the room.

While it will be the focal point, don't count on the chandelier as the only light source in the room. Wall sconces, recessed lights or table lamps will help light the room more effectively.

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