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Rock the Job Site with ION's Tailgater Bluetooth

Tailgater Bluetooth from ION Audio

Truly, this is the golden age of job-site music. There are a multitude of devices, some very sophisticated, to fill the gaps between hammer reports and circular-saw screams.

As a rag-man electrician (the lowest rung of the union ladder), I noted how each trade had its own half-crushed radio tuned to a different station in its supply area. That tinny music was a relief valve and a pacesetter, but it wasn't pleasant.

Now there's the ION Tailgater Bluetooth music player and amp, which retails online for $140 and up. The Tailgater looks like a very small musician's amp-black, boxy, metal front grille, aluminum bumpers on all eight corners and small control knobs.

It's not clear how well the Tailgater would compare to Dewalt's rugged yellow radio-and-charger product, but it is sturdy. And it plays better with mp3 players, smartphones, and tablets.

Tailgater Bluetooth from ION Audio

The Tailgater, which is powered by a rechargeable 12-hour lead-acid battery, has an integrated dish on top to hold players of various sizes at a reclining angle. You can also pair Bluetooth devices with the Tailgater, which means one fewer cable to lose (although it comes with just such a cable, which serves as a recharging cord, too). You also can take a call on your smartphone, for instance, without worrying about a tether.

Other portable players require you to use a short cable and to lay your device on its back in a small tray on top.

Like some similar products, the ION Tailgater Bluetooth has an AM/FM radio, but the Tailgater's sound is far superior. It's bassy at low volumes and holds the signal together at least two-thirds the way up its power range.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Ion's site rocker is the microphone that comes with it. You might only use it once-at the party you hold at the end of your project, as you stand beaming before family and friends, and maybe even your contractors. It will be a memorable address.

Visit ION Audio for more information.

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