Radio: Kitchen Islands

In their quest for more storage, work surfaces, and style, more and more kitchen remodelers are living the island life. Kitchen islands solve any number of design problems, but they go about it in some very different ways.

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The biggest variable is size: even a small kitchen can accommodate an island of some sort, but islands are now being designed to optimize every inch of available space even in larger kitchens; six-foot by seventeen-foot islands aren't messing around!

Mixing surface materials like butcher block, stone or stainless steel and varying counter heights makes it possible to cook, serve, and entertain at the same central spot.

A good kitchen island doesn't have to be constructed of high-end custom cabinets: it can be simply framed with open shelving, or clad in funky materials like corrugated metal or salvaged planks. It can be as simple as an off-the-shelf rolling cart or a rustic farm table. The point is, if you have any extra floor space in your kitchen, you could be making better use of it and living the island life!

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