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Radio: Foam Core

It used to be that foam-core board was only useful to architects building models. Now that foam technology has taken off, foam-core boards have made it to the building site.

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A handful of manufacturers have found a way to sandwich extruded foam in a water-resistent coating that can take the place of cementitious backer board. Now, instead of lugging a couple hundred pounds of cement board to redo your shower, it's so lightweight your kids could carry it for you.

In thicknesses anywhere from 1/4' to 2', some boards come with a reinforcing layer that allows them to serve as framing as well as backer. It cuts with a utility knife, takes standard fasteners, and you can glue pieces together or to the wall with a specially made adhesive.

Foam backer board costs more, of course, and you may have to search for it online, but what else can you use to frame, back, and tile a tub surround all in the same day?

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