Weekend Projects: DIY Furniture Updates

Weekend Projects: DIY Furniture Updates

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It's finally here-Friday! The weekend is a great time to relax, but it's also the perfect opportunity to bring simple projects from start to finish, like DIY furniture updates. So get out your sanders, grab your paint and brushes, put on your “work” clothes and be inspired by the brilliance of Nation community bloggers.

1. Painting Furniture for a Distressed Look

Going for a vintage look? Deana of Alchemy Fine Living teaches us two different ways of achieving a distressed finish to add character to any piece of wood furniture.

2. Stenciled Dresser

Sure, everyone has a dresser-but every dresser doesn't have to look the same! Make a statement with a stencil, some paint, and a little creativity.

3. Chairs-Before and After

If you're looking for some sound advice on how to update furniture, consult a professional “make-over” artist, who makes her living turning old and boring pieces into new, exciting ones, using little more than a fresh coat of paint.

4. Painted Buffet

This wonderfully simple yet one-of-a-kind buffet transformation is testament to the fact that a small amount of paint can make a BIG difference.

5. Spray Paint and Stain

This DIY looks so professional, it's hard to believe all it took was spray paint and stain.So many DIY furniture updates are 2.5% know-how, 2.5% materials, and 95% inspiration!

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