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Radio: Solar Garden Lights

 Radio: Solar Garden Lights

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Outdoor lighting looks great along a walkway or in the garden, but it can be a pain to install the wiring for it. Solar-powered garden lights are a simple, earth-friendly way to add accent light to your lawn and garden, with no wiring required.

Listen to ON SOLAR GARDEN LIGHTS or read the text below:

Solar-powered garden lights work on rechargable batteries-the batteries power the lights at night, then recharge themselves every day using light from the sun. Each fixture is standalone, so you can place a light anywhere you need it, as long as it gets enough sunlight during the day to charge up the batteries.

Depending on the model you choose and the amount of sun the fixture gets, a solar-powered garden light may not throw off a tremendous amount of light, but most provide at least enough accent light to add a safe, dramatic outline along a pathway. Some fixtures are whimsical, in the shape of butterflies or flowers, and add a decorative touch to your house's nighttime look. And the nicest part is, all the energy to power them comes from mother nature, not the power grid.

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