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Radio: Watering the Lawn

 Radio: Watering the Lawn

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A beautiful green lawn requires regular watering to keep it looking great. The trick is to use enough water to keep your lawn thick and healthy, but not so much that you waste any of it.

Listen to ON WATERING THE LAWN or read the text below:

One easy way to avoid waste is to make sure you're not watering the sidewalk or pathways. Check the position of your sprinklers to be certain they're targeting grass, not pavement. If you have sprinklers on a timer, make sure they don't operate in the rain!

And don't water every day. In most climates, a deep, thorough watering twice a week should be enough to keep your lawn happy. More frequent watering ends up wasted, as water simply runs off a lawn that can't absorb any more moisture. Of course, in dry climates you may need to water more often.

You might also consider having a little less lawn to water in the first place. Giving over some of your lawn space to planting beds filled with drought-tolerant shrubs and ground cover is a smart and ecologically sound way to reduce your water consumption, without sacrificing a beautiful landscape.

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